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Commonly asked question


How long to get our photos back?

All packages (except for weddings) have a guaranteed turn around time of 1 week! Unless I am very busy, in that case I will notify you with updates!


How do you edit your photos?

All packages for each shoot come with the edited digital favorites as well as printing rights. I edit in a cool, soft style based on the classic look of fuji film photography, and I add black and white copies where I see fit!


Can i extend my photoshoot?

You may extend your photoshoot if I have time available! Of course, it'll cost a bit extra though


How far in future are you able to book?

I am currently open for booking anytime!!


How will i receive the photos?

You will receive your photos through an online downloadable gallery called pic-time. From there you will be able to view and download the photos from your session, as well as purchase prints.


Who chooses locations?

I allow all my clients the freedom to choose your most desirable locations. If not, I have a long list of amazing locations for you to pick from!


What should i wear?

I would suggest solid, neutral colors. These will truly pop with my editing style and make your photos timeless! It's also super important that you feel comfortable and confident in your outfit!


Should i purchase prints?

YES!! Investing in prints isn't just a purchase--its an opportunity to preserve precious memories in a tangible, lasting way. Digital files can be lost or corrupted, but high-quality photo prints ensure your special moments are safe, beautifully presented, and easily accessible for years. Don't let your memories fade away on a hard drive--give them the permanence they deserve!


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